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Cornerstone Baptist Church
Lightning Youth Program                                     
LIGHTNING is the acronym for Living In God's Holy Truth, New Identity, New Goals.

It was started over 15 years ago here at the Cornerstone Baptist Church of Mooresboro, NC, by Pastor Bo Wagner. It was the program that we used for our kids and over time other churches ask to join in. About 4 years ago we decided to open it up to other churchs around the country to participate as well.

Each youth group is divided up into two teams that will compete against each other as a team as well as competeing individually. Each teen earns points for Bible memorization, coming to services, coming to special events such as revivals, Bible reading, visitation, bringing visitors, nursing home ministries, as well as other areas of service.

The points are kept in a book by each person. When they say a verse to the appropriate person, the adult will initial that the verse has been said. The parents can get involved by being able to see the books and keep up with their childs points on a weekly basis.

The two teams that you have at your church will compete against each other but the team points can be sent in to us for a "National" score. 

There are weekly meetings at your church with just your youth group. There are monthly meetings at Cornerstone for anyone in the area that would like to come. We encourage each region to have monthly meetings so your teams can meet kids from other churches that are also on their team.  At the end of the LIGHTNING year we have a National Banquet for all teams that participated and can join us. That is when the winner of the National points are revealed as well as the individuals from each church that have won.

There are 10 different trophies that individuals from each church can earn. These range from the most points, to the most Bible verses said, to the most Christ-like. 

We love to have fun and instill Godly principles into our kids at the same time!

If you are interested in having your church participate, please call for more information at

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