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Cornerstone Baptist Church
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Special Note:  We are changing a few things to make our broadcast better.  We will use Facebook Live Streaming for now to see if that
improves the quality of our service. 
Please view it at:

All of our Services are now broadcast live on the internet!  Watch us at our regular times or even special services!

Sunday School  10 AM (no broadcast)
Sunday              11 AM
Sunday                6 PM
Wednesday         7 PM

The Hope On The Hill!

This is the nickname that was given to our church by a local gentleman a few years ago.  His wife was sick and in a hospital many hours away.  One of our men volunteered to go and visit her.  The gentleman responded that it was far too long of a trip, but our man assured him that distance was no object if he wanted any of us to go.  The Gentleman later told one of our members “I never forgot that.  Every time I pass by your church way up there on the hill, I say to myself ‘that church is the hope on the hill!’”

We know that our ultimate hope rests on another hill, a hill called Calvary.  But the Christ of Calvary has birthed a church on the hill in Mooresboro, and tasked us with serving Him by serving and loving others.  We are in the business of giving hope to the hopeless and help to the hurting!  We would love to have you come and experience this for yourself.

Pastor Bo Wagner and family

Directions to the Church

GPS Directions:
4357 W. Dixon Blvd.
Shelby, NC  28152

Current Events
View Live!

January 7
The Travel Choir will be singing at Meadowview Baptist Church in Winston Salem. The bus will leave at 1:50pm

January 15
Bridal Shower for Sierra Davis and Casey Drewery. 4 pm

January 25-28
Men's Retreat

January 29
Purity Ring Ceremony during the evening service.

February 11
Valentine's Banquet.
Tickets can be purchased in the office.

February 12
Bridal Shower for Cheyanne Nestleroad and Davey Keener. 4 pm

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The Hope on the Hill